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“What to Do with a Ziplock?”

Written by: Teacher Mai A. Nadres

Pre – Nursery toys sometimes go the unconventional route. They like pegs, blocks and of course, cooking toys (they will never get tired of it). But what they love the most are usually those that are not considered “toys.” Empty boxes, fork and sand, fuzzy wires, used coffee grounds and so much stuff that often have other uses are usually those that pique their interests. These are the materials I use to teach them letters and they get ALWAYS get hooked.

So, with few zipper storage bags left at home, I knew I have something great for them one fine day in school.

Here are some of the things I used:

  • · These are just leftover from so many things I felt like I needed to organize at home. J These storage bags are very cheap, less than Php100! Even the big ones will cost you Php70 – Php100! Just buy the ones with no brand.  *wink *wink

Teaching matls

  • · Food color – because teachers have random things inside the classroom.

food color

  • · Markers
  • · Water
  • · Colorful beads

As I taught them the letter G, I used all the materials mentioned above.

Of course this means the kids had to have their hands involved. As I explained and showed them what we were going to make, they were, over – the – top BEYOND excited.

Pre N bags Showing off bags

First, they had to put water inside the bag. They were very careful not to spill the water and oh so worried that they would put too much.

They kept asking teacher, “Enough na?

Caitlin serious Maxie open bag Yanna water bag

The Pre – Nursery were very patient and very observant. They watched each other closely pour the water and exclaimed, “Stop” when it’s almost near teacher’s mark. Giggles and so much laughter filled the kitchen.

Spilled water? Of course! But I kept telling them not to worry especially when a certain little helper called Maxie excitedly volunteered to help clean up! She took care of it! She got the wash cloth and said, “Akon a! Akon a!”

maxie clean up

Alas! Our finished product!

G bag1 G bag2

We put some colorful beads to make it more challenging. The Pre – Nursery glided their pointy finger through the water bags so the beads will go to capital letter G and lower case g.

It did seem challenging at first and they even had trouble maneuvering through the bumps, bubbles and ripples of the bag (Maybe that’s why they look really serious in the picture too). They played with it for a week; it felt like writing on a water balloon! Once they got the hang of it, they couldn’t stop playing with it!

CAitlin bag Yanna bag


Resourcefulness is the name of the game for us teachers. Tools do not always have to be expensive! We all love discovering and rediscovering that we can make cool things out of something. Try this at home and maybe while you are at it, you’ll come up with another cool idea!



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