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What Matters Most

By Teacher Martha Santos, Nursery Teacher

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an environment for your child that is conducive for learning. There are four factors to consider according to www.theedadvocate.org. These are: Physical Space, Getting Students to Cooperate, Creating a Communal Atmosphere, and Classroom Climate and Culture.

What are all these factors for? How would this benefit your child’s learning?

  1. Physical Space – Physical space is important because this is where we consider every possible area of the room to create an atmosphere that encourages participation and learning. Classroom decorations and seating arrangements are crucial since we do not want the kids to get distracted easily especially kids who have difficulty following though the lessons right away. As much as possible, we want the classroom to be pleasing to their eyes and as similar as possible to what they see at home.
  • Getting students to cooperate – This is where rules and routines play a vital role. When established and implemented well, it invites cooperation and participation.
  • Creating a Communal Atmosphere – Establishing a sense of community, oneness and teamwork are so vital in the classroom. When children feel accepted, they gain confidence in themselves and return, learn how to trust the people and environment around her.
  • Classroom Climate and Culture – What practices are common inside your child’s classroom? What are the norms? How do teachers treat their fellow teachers, families and students? These are some of the things that can tell you what kind of culture is being practiced in school. And it’s up to parents to decide if they share the same values and culture as the school or not. And remember, not sharing the same culture does not make the other one bad. It just means we all have differing beliefs.

All of these factors play a big part in a child’s learning. But more than anything, I think that the most important factor to consider is simply, happiness. When my kids want to go to school everyday, when I see them enjoy school, when parents tell me stories about improvement, and when I see those big bright smiles, I know that somehow, I am in the right track. So as I go on with my journey toward my fourth year of teaching, I will keep these 4 factors in mind and make sure that I wrap them all up in a beautifully designed paper called happiness.


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