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Welcome to School

After a scorching summer break, the children are back to the place they call their second home. Some are a bit taller, others more plump (summer is for most of us, vacations and family get togethers with lots of yummy food!) and most appear more mature and ready for the big opening day. Armed with their new backpacks, shoes, lunch boxes, CA bags and their quiet confidence, the kids arrive on the first day with such dignified statures.
But before the first day of school, we got to welcome the new members of our family too! Last June 12, we had our Parent Orientation Day at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse with Teacher Jill Alcoreza as our guest speaker who talked about “Home-School Collaboration” which she says is the key to being a happy camper at Camelean Academy. Old and new parents had the chance to interact, play games, sing nursery rhymes and share their thoughts about the topic discussed.
The entire 1st semester with the theme entirely about creepy crawlies/insects went by so fast! Now we all await for the 2nd trimester which focuses on the fascinating life of Dinosaurs! This, for sure, will excite our kids once more. Roar if you agree! 



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