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We Start NOW!

We Start NOW!
Oct. 5, 2017

By Teacher Mai Nadres

Everybody’s looking forward to Camelean Academy’s annual Costume party. How can you not? Our little ones parading their cutest costume and a presentation in front of an audience for the first time? Yes to that! The treats and booths are getting everyone excited too. But before the curtains are drawn, there we had our own little backstage party. Last October 5, Pre – Nursery had what we call a “Career day.” Oh, it wasn’t a biggie! They just slayed the parade wearing their cute community worker costumes.

What a sight to see! As the classroom door is opened you immediately see these:


  1. Cian as a builder- he might be an engineer or an architect someday
  2.  Kasey as a doctor – she could be my future granddaughter’s pediatrician
  3. Basti – is wearing a doctor costume too – Dr. Cortes might one day be taking rounds in a nice hospital
  4. Ella, I believe is dressed as a business woman –  Who run the world? Girls! (Beyonce’s Run the World playing in the background) She might very well be someday right?

After our class discussion on community workers, the Pre – Nursery bravely showed their costumes in front of their schoolmates and Ms. Lulu. This could be tough for 2s to stand in front of a class of 10 – 13 students but not for our Pre – Nursery! Each teacher gave them badges which contained  powerful messages- that nothing is too early and no one is too young to fulfill their dreams.


We want to start early; we want them to experience firsthand that nothing is impossible if you do your best. Sometimes, it only takes one foot inside another classroom to believe that they are stronger than what they think. I wish you could’ve seen their eyes sparkle as teachers pinned their badges. They waved their hands with a smile on their faces. I know in my heart that they knew they were able to do it! And I know someday, these little ones, whatever they want to be when they grow up, will become the fulfillment of their very own dream; a dream that started right here at Camelean Academy.




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