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“Trust Them, They are Learning”

“Trust Them, They are Learning”
By: Teacher Rona
Providing engaging activities to children is highly beneficial as fas as learning is concerned. And the most effective way to make them work is through play. “I played in school today” is a statement that many seem to misunderstand. We have to remember that as children, their most important work is to play and it helps them learn how to enjoy and at the same time become successful at what they do.

Play is very important in a child’s development as well as in learning life skills. When children play, their brains are highly stimulated and connections are made. Allowing children to perform a task in the form of play would not feel work at all for them. It targets different areas such as social development, wherein children get to play with other kids and learn from them; fne and gross motor development, which help them enhance their skills in writing, drawing and coloring as well as developing actions like jumping and running; and cognitive development which helps them think, remember and develop their imaginations. Furthermore, it helps develop language like communicating emotions and solving problems.

However, for many understandable reasons, some parents find it more challenging to play with their children who instead rely on technology such as Ipads, computers and video games. According to Jona K. Anderson-Mcnamee of Montana University (2010), children who spend more time on these tend to be less active physically and may have a strong tendency to have slower brain functioning because of less stimulation.

As we just cannot avoid this 100% of the time, the key is to be conscious about our rules on when these children can use these gadgets. Make them understand that it is a privilege and not a right.
Parental involvement in a child’s world of play is not only beneficial to children but to parents as well. Spending time with them would increase the bond of the family and at the same time would give more opportunity to know your children better and appreciate the uniqueness of each child. It can also be a stress reducer which is important to one’s well-being. Parent-child play allows for shared values, increase in communication and heightened openness, providing teachable moments and assistance in problem solving.


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