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The Many Hats We Wear

By: Teacher Rona Mulat, Assistant School Head


Hats come in different sizes and shapes. It has been a strong symbol of social status a long time ago. In today’s time, it denotes a more figurative meaning.
As we look all hats we are interested in wearing, we try and look at the design – how it is adorned or what is written. We do this because it defines us in many ways and we want to be careful about what we choose to wear on our heads. And symbolically, carefully choosing the right ones to wear means a great deal because we are choosing great responsibilities that go along with every hat.
In my case, a teacher is a person who teaches in school and helps children acquire knowledge. A teacher prepares lesson plans, administers tests and assesses children’s progress. But truthfully and deeply, we are so much more than that. Teachers wear multiple hats and juggle many roles as we go about our day. Wearing more than one hat is required more often than not. And it may be confusing, overwhelming and pressuring but we are very much aware that each hat plays a crucial role in the lives of our students.
Allow me to share with you 6 hats the teachers wear on a daily basis in school:
1. Psychologist Hat. Seeing our students as they arrive in the morning makes us want to find out what are they feeling and thinking. And if something seems to be bothering them, we have to pay attention and acknowledge that.
2. Moderator Hat. When argument arises in the classroom, we try to hear each one’s side and try to come up with the best solution.
3. Nurse Hat. As much as we want all kids to be safe and never get hurt, things we cannot control still occur. We provide TLCs and immediate treatment for bumps, bruises and tiny boo – boos.
4. Comforter Hat. We are in “Mom” mode when somebody seems cranky, hurt, when a child misses Mommy and Daddy and feels bad because of disagreement with classmates.
5. Friend Hat. We give them a feeling of security that they can come and tell us anything and we are a person whom they can trust. A person also who consistently tells them that they are the best, they are smart and strong enough.
6. Comedian Hat. We make them laugh and lighten up their moods when things becomes less fun and sad.

Each day is different. We tend to get flooded with tasks and mistakes are inevitable. After all, our human hat always wants to take over. But despite the flaws, we still manage to put on those hats and wear them with pride and joy, making sure we provide the children a happy and safe environment. Our hats help them progress, celebrate successes and fill them with so much love for they are after all, our #1 priority.


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