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“The Little Things”

“The Little Things”
By: Willa Benito

So we’re almost done with the school year — yes let that sink in. Has it been ten months already?! It always amazes me how the kids progress from June to March. Though it may sound short and that includes holidays, class suspensions, sembreak, Christmas break, and many others, I can’t help but admire the big changes and milestones during those passing months. I call it ‘our joint accomplishment’– the child, the teacher, the parents, the school, and the home. Hooray to all of us!

The child, the teacher, the parents, the school, and the home– all these play a big role in the success of each child. A progress or an accomplishment should not just be about the big ones because all aspects are important and should be recognized– a child who knows how to share without teacher reminding him/her, a child who can now say sorry without prompting, a child who can sit still already, a child who can now listen attentively and not bother his/her classmates, a child who is now more independent, a child who always says the magic words, etc. These are the things, that may seem simple to us but for the kids, believe me, one praise for a good deed goes a looong way!

I have a total of 14 students this year. I’ve seen them grow physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially in the past ten months. Let me share with you some of their accomplishments in the current school year 2015-2016 aside from reading, writing, adding, and subtracting:

Student 1: Before- Always cries and refuses to try.
Now- Needs encouragement but eventually tries ☺

Student 2: Before- Doesn’t show much emotion.
Now- Loves hugging teacher, asks if I get to drink medicine already when he hears me cough, asks me and his classmates if we will miss him when he leaves ☺

Student 3: Before- Doesn’t believe in himself. “I can’t do it teacher”.
Now- Insists on doing things on his own. “Let me try teacher” or “Me teacher” ☺

Student 4: Before- Tends to be rough when playing.
Now- More mindful and the first one to approach a classmate who is crying.

Student 5: Before- Rarely shares stories. She is quiet and reserved.
Now- As soon as she enters the room and sees me, she shares stories excitedly, non-stop ☺

Student 6: Before- Gets mad and kicks or answers back at teacher.
Now- Good at kicking still but only in taekwondo class. ☺ “I want to behave teacher. I will behave and follow you” which at times, difficult for her but the best part about it is, SHE TRIES!

Student 7: Before- Won’t let her hands get dirty/art does not excite her. Speaks
in Filipino only.
Now- Loves doing art for as long as she gets to wash her hands
after. Speaks and converses in English more “She’s KUHA-ING the doll”—again, SHE TRIES!

Student 8: Before- Isolates herself when upset.
Now- Is able to face the issue/challenge head on and is able to say how she feels rather than walking away. Oh plus you will always hear this girl say please and thank you or the magic words. Always ☺

Student 9: Before- tends to be sleepy, does not join in singing and dancing, and
refuses to play with her classmates.
Now- She is energetic and feisty. She might be small but boy she
knows how to stand up for herself ☺

Student 10: Before- When she knows she did something not nice, it was hard for
her to look at teacher in the eye and to say sorry.
Now- She looks straight into my eyes and is able to say “I’m sorry”
without prompting ☺

Student 11: Before- Keeps on moving and won’t allow herself to be bored
and stay quiet.
Now- She now enjoys the quiet game and is serious when we play it.
Hmm the need to move? Well, she is able to control it more and in a
subtle way ☺

Student 12: Before- It was challenging for her to focus and only plays with a
particular classmate.
Now- Focused and attentive; she is Interacting well with all of her
classmates ☺

Student 13: Before- Shy and reserved. When presented with something new, she
cries and refuses to join or try.
Now- Is able to stand in front of a crowd and is more adventurous
“I wanna try that teacher.” ☺

Student 14: Before- Refuses to greet other teachers and refuses to sing and
dance during circle time.
Now- Actively participates in singing and dancing and is more open
to other people. She now gives a little wave or a ‘shy smile’ to the
teachers in more ways than one ☺

Can you guess who’s who? ☺

The beautiful truth is, when it comes to teaching children, it’s the “little things” that matter most— so much like life.

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