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“Thank You for the Music!”

“Thank You for the Music!”
By: Teacher Rona

Music is everywhere. My family influenced me a lot to appreciate and love music. Now that I am a grown-up, it still lives in me. Singing is my passion. I sing when I am happy and I sing when I am sad. I sing when I want to feel relaxed, and I sing when I am mad. I learn to appreciate music more when I started teaching.

Playing music to jump start a day brings good vibes and energy to the classroom. It is a way of saying “New day, let us celebrate!” I noticed how my Kinder 1 students react as they enter the classroom. Music brightens up their day.

According to Elizabeth Carlton, Professor of Music at Catawba College in North Carolina, daily music experiences in children can make many valuable connections to language capabilities, memory, physical activity, creative thinking, emotional stability, discipline and emerging academic success.


Music ignites children as far as development is concerned. Presenting a topic and a technique in a form of a song catches their attention more than we know it. Their body reacts to it natuarally. Retention becomes more effective. Teaching them a song helps them learn to appreciate sound and the meaning of the words, develop their capacity to memorize, as well as enhance their ability to remember information. More than singing, children also enjoy dancing. Allowing them to do so brings many benefits such as built motor skills, a confident self expression and enhanced creativity.


The joy is indescribable whenever I sing and dance with my students. This is when I can say they are truly learning and at the same time, genuinely happy. And for that I am truly grateful and thankful for the gift of music. Children will never be able to fully realize the importance of music unless we begin to share these gifts with them everyday. Our challenge as teachers and parents is to always provide quality music experience to enliven and enrich their lives as they face new chapters in life.


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