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Teaching is My Double Edged-Sword

My philosophy as a teacher is that children should learn to love learning rather than see it as a task or responsibility that they just have to accomplish which is why, as much as I can, I incorporate every fun way to learn that I can come up with for my kinder class. Seeing a child enjoy learning makes all the effort worthwhile and results that they have actually learned and mastered the concepts makes it all even more fulfilling. Who says fun and school can’t go together, right?

KinderPM1But then again, school can’t always be all fun. Seeing these children focus with all their might on their paper and pen activities also goes to show that indeed, they are getting ready for the big schools. Seeing that they are slowly becoming independent and that little by little, they are starting to do things on their own and not need teacher’s help are both moments of admiration that they are actually beginning to be strong independent individuals and a tad bit of sadness that they are starting to grow up and later on exit the four corners of your classroom. Indeed, time really does fly. What better way to deal with it than to make the most out of every second!



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