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Taking Joy in Little Things

Oct. 5, 2017
By: Teacher Rona Mulat

Being in Kinder takes a lot of adjustments. From being fully guided with tasks to learning how to become independent. Here, children need to develop a very strong foundation that will help them be more equipped for the rest of their academic years. As well in Kinder, it is about being both an actual kid and experiencing things that will be beneficial until adulthood. Dealing with generation Z is a lot more challenging with computer games, gadgets, and social media — things that they are very much exposed to nowadays.

However, one thing that surprises me is how little things still bring genuine joy to them. And when they are happy and know that they enjoy what they do, everything seems to follow smoothly.

One little thing that makes their day is when they arrive in the morning and see their classroom all set for the day. When they observe something different or noticed something dangling from the ceiling, I see their eyes glow. Starting their day with a greeting in form of a song and making sure everybody does a high five, set the tone for the day and instantly uplifts their mood! And with the right music played, the rest becomes history.

Ending the day with an artwork related to our class theme, allows them to cool down and feel relaxed for another morning filled with learning. This also makes them feel accomplished and forget at times that they feel challenged along the way. They burst with willingness and are hopeful for another day. They are excited to tell Mommy and Daddy about the culmination of another school day and are excited to be back for more.






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