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“Pre-K? What’s in Store?”

By: Angela Tarroza, Pre-K

This school year, I am more than thrilled to handle two classes of 18 Pre-Kinder students! It is a first for me — being able to handle a large number of children. It’s no easy task but it is so challenging and more so, rewarding. I CANNOT wait to see what the end of the year brings — more readers, mastery of so many concepts, beautiful minds and equally beautiful hearts. Oh, these kids.

But besides achieving the academic and behavioral goals set for them, I am more than excited for Pre-K and their parents as they discover what is in store for them this year, especially the major school events that have been traditions of Camelean Academy. Here are a few recent activities:

1. Pinoy Fiesta -Done!

The day came when everybody had to proudly wear their Filipino costumes. This year had a more “flavorful” vibe to it because of the unlimited Sorbetes all students and even parents enjoyed for FREE! Along with this, the students were able to experience riding a jeepney around the village. All Pre-K students also tried their best in hitting the tin can inside the circle using their slippers, or what we call Tumbang Preso. To top it all off, the students got the chance to eat various Filipino delicacies and dishes during the fiesta as they tried using their hands to eat with matching gulaman and Calamansi Juice as their panulak. And as cherry on their ice cream, they all ate using plates with banana leaves on them! How Pinoy can you get, right? That’s added learning right there folks! ;P

 Jeepney ride pinoy fiesta pre k

Dirty ice cream

2. Home Visit – Yes sir!

The first Trimester isn’t complete without a visit to one of our students’ home. This year, I got to visit two because I had a morning and an afternoon class. It was so lovely to be immersed and to be able to take a glimpse of my students’ lives! I was able to understand how it was to be them just by being in their homes! Visiting someone’s house is such a humbling experience because it allows our students to happily witness how their friend is and his life at home with his family while making sure they show respect and use their manners. Thank you, Calvin and Drake for opening your doors to us! It was a pleasure visiting your lovely homes!


3. Field trip — check!

As we all know, the field trip is one of the major events in school. It was a day filled with fun and a chock full of interaction as we braved through Metro Manila traffic. Good thing our bus tour guides distracted us from dwelling on the congested roads by having games on board and allowed everybody to participate, all students/parents and teaching staff! I myself, was also enticed to participate because everyone seemed to be having fun and laughter was filling up the whole bus.

Upon arrival at our major destination, “Sweet Fieldtrip“, students (and teachers!) were welcomed to little bit of dancing to warm them up and get them started for the trip. Then we toured around Paul Calvin’s Bakerie, played a few Pinoy games and got to see a few farm animals around the Bahay Kubo. The students planted lettuces, and decorated their own cupcakes too. We finished off by having lunch on site! Now, that’s SWEET!

Up next was RAYA, The Land of Happy Thoughts – a small but interestingly joyful place that provided hands-on activities to our students. We were able to control robots, walk through a hall of mirrors (which was quite a challenge!), did fruit carving, watched a short film about birds using 3D glasses, and tried Origami which the kids really loved.

3D 3D1 fruit1 fruit2 fruit3 fruit4 origami Robotics

 PaulCalvin planting

The past months was indeed, LOADED and I can’t wait to have more.

I just love seeing how my students are with their families. These events are opportunities that allow me to get to know my students and parents more and this motivates me more during teacher-parent collaboration which always leads to success for each child.

Waiting in line are the Costume and Christmas parties. No need to mention the details of the next events right now for the element of surprise!


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