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“One Fine Friday”

“One Fine Friday with the De Guzmans”

By: Teacher Rona Mulat

 One of the school’s annual activities is what we call Home Visit. Each class visits a classmate’s house where everyone can have a chance to explore and experience how a friend’s life is at home.  The goal of this activity is targeted towards social skills as well as a source of learning support.

The Kinder class had the chance to conduct the said visit a little later than the other levels. Nevertheless, the kids were excited. And this year, the decision came down to visiting their new classmate’s house — Khalil’s.

As soon as everyone saw each other at his house, there was an overwhelming joy as the kids were trying to understand how their friends were all in one place and outside school at that! Needless to say, they were ecstatic. And they couldn’t wait to see Khalil wake up (it was an early activity) so that they can begin the trip around his house (On a side note: The Kinder class seemed so at home in their friend’s house).

The whole De Guzman family welcomed and opened their home to us. We got the chance to tour the house courtesy of Mommy Ellen. Then she told us interesting things that can be found in each room. Khalil and Mommy Ellen were kind enough to also allow us to explore and play with the materials around and gladly entertained our queries. Khalil also allowed his classmates to play with his favorite toys all of which were kept inside his room. (We found out how much Khalil loves Mickey Mouse too!)

Our gracious hosts also prepared food that everybody enjoyed. And after the kids have devoured the crunchy friend chicken and the other delectable snacks, Khalil shared two of his favorite books for story time. His classmates also took interest in reading some of his books in the living room which was so lovely to look at. The girls discovered a book about teaching how to draw baby animals and they tried it right away. They were able to draw a puppy and a bunny because of this book. Others became busy with the coloring books and colored pencils while others preferred to do free drawing.

It was indeed a fun day with my class. The activity still allows me to see my students in a different light. I still think I am learning more about them despite being with the class the past semester. I love seeing them deal and react to different stimuli while in a new environment and I get so curious seeing how they react to unfamiliar faces and situations. Sharing this experience, albeit happening every year, is always a unique and memorable one. Learning truly happens everyday and I am definitely not exempted from that!

To the the De Guzman family, thank you. You have opened not just your home but your hearts to us. Thank you for accommodating us in your wonderful abode. We enjoyed it, BIG TIME.




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