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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

By: Teacher April Verona, Former Kinder Teacher

In my experience as a teacher, I have come to a realization that it does indeed take a village to raise a child. At some point, we must realize that our children must go beyond the four corners of a classroom and learn to enjoy and live life as it is. As one of our themes go, a little dirt won’t hurt. We all know that when we were young, we tripped and fell before we learned to walk and run. In the same way, we must let the opportunities of learning reach our children if not create such opportunities for them. It is important that our children learn to explore and find the best way in which they learn. Giving them enough room to explore and make decisions provide them with a sense of responsibility and independence from which they grow from.

With these learning opportunities comes every interaction, may it be with an adult or with a peer. In a way, as teachers, we convert every experience into a learning opportunity but I would like to highlight the importance of interaction and how it helps with a child’s growth and development.

From playing with their friends to bonding with mommy and daddy to asking ate and kuya for help, each and every interaction is a manifestation of what the child has learned so far if not a learning experience in itself. Let’s say a child has learned to say please and thank you as he often asks a teacher aid to open his snack for him. This may seem trivial but this is actually one of the foundations where in a child learns about courtesy. They bring this lesson home and start to say please and thank you to everyone. Now, this learning experience is then passed on to other children as they interact with each other and learn to be courteous and polite. Children pick up a lot of things from us, adults. It is then best for us to be aware that we are members of the village that raises a child. Whatever we do is a learning experience for these children. All our interactions with them stimulates their learning and as they learn from us, their peers also learn from them. From this standpoint, I would like to say that it really does take a village to raise a child. And as members of that village, I hope that we become responsible adults and role models to these children, the future of our generation. Remember that it is not just about academics. Let us always choose to be who we want our children to be.


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