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“Half Full”

“Half Full”
By: Willa Benito


In college, when we asked to write something about ’10 years from now how do you imagine your life to be?’ I wouldalways answer with: “I have my own house, my own car, a business, happily married and have babies” Back then I was so sure I will have all these by the time I turn 27 or 28. 10 years ago, attaining all of these seem to be as easy as 123. That was again, well, 10 years ago. Back then the word “life” for me was pretty simple and everything seemed to be planned out —finish school, find a job, work hard, and have my own family. Well, I finished school, I’m doing what I love and working hard. But if there’s one thing I realized, it is that life is everything but simple. I’m still far from how I imagined my life would be ten years ago. Growing up I never thought of anything but my dreams—working, saving up, planning, etc. But no one, not even school, prepared us for the things that life will throw you that by this age, one of the many things you will experience is death, death of a loved one to be specific. To see your loved ones in pain and hear them say the words “Ayoko na. Pagod na ako.” – I believe that no one was ever ready for this. Sudden or not, no one will ever be ready. But amazing how humans were made, how our bodies, hearts, and minds can cope and face life as it is. To go back up no matter how hurting you are or surrounded with questions in your mind or filled with tears in your eyes because you live in the comfort that your loved ones are now in a better place, in the arms of our God, with no more pain and suffering. I have lost my grandma last year and my tita last August. I remember them, pray for them, I even wish that visiting hours in heaven is possible, and most importantly I put them in my heart forever.

Last Saturday, September 26, my cousin thought of having a concert for a cause for my tita who is battling breast cancer. It amazes me how people supported the event—family, friends, friends of friends, and even strangers. The performers didn’t even ask for any fee, but they gave it all out in every performance they had on stage. There was a time when my tita was not ready to face people yet. She prefers not to join any family gatherings and would rather stay at home. However, after the concert and seeing/feeling the support of all the people around her, for the first time in a long time, last Sunday, she joined the family in Bulacan. She was smiling, joking, laughing, and facing people again. She took control of the situation and not let her sickness have control over her. Amazing how support and love give people positivity, power, and hope. My prayer goes out to all people who have cancer—you are loved, you are remembered, you are being prayed for. Find comfort in our God, family, and friends– surround yourself with positivity and love. I always pray and believe that one day, we will find a cure for cancer and that no one will ever have to lose a loved one because of this ever again. Positivity gets you ahead of the game. Positivity gets you closer to your dreams no matter how far you think they are. You will get there.


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