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Enforcing Rules Goes A Loooooooooooooong Way!

October 2, 2017
By: Teacher Martha Santos

How important is it to enforce rules to our little ones? Is there a real need to impose such strict policies on kids when they are as young as preschoolers? I’m pretty sure you are nodding already because the answer is a BIG YES!

Over the past few years I’ve been teaching, I have come to realize how important it is to start enforcing rules and routines to kids especially at a very young age. You may not see the relevance of it now, but once rules are enforced early on, you’ll thank yourself later.

I’d like to share to our readers how I came up with my own “Stop. Look. Listen” method with my Nursery kids. We all know that the first few weeks of school are the most crucial weeks since this is our time (as teachers) to have the kids be familiar with the routines and establish discipline and authority inside the classroom. In my case, it came out really challenging since I was not with them during those weeks for personal reasons. Nonetheless, I was able to come up with a method on how I can make everyone listen and participate. What did I do? I sang two songs that caught their attention and made them stop whatever it is they were doing and listen to what teacher was singing. Here are the lyrics of the two songs:

I sing this to know when everyone’s ready to listen to our class discussion:

Pat Your Knees

Shh.. Shh.. Shh..


I sing this song whenever everyone’s talking and when it becomes hard to hear one another other:

Put A Bubble In Your Mouth

 Put a bubble in your mouth, in your mouth
Put a bubble in your mouth
Put a bubble in your mouth
Put a bubble in your mouth, in your mouth


These may seem silly but boy do they give me results! Once this was established in their systems, I would catch them singing or reminding their classmates (and sometimes their teachers) of the rules inside and outside the classroom themselves. I am very happy and proud of my Nursery babies for always bringing with them whatever it is they’ve learned inside the classroom. May it be our rules or the lesson we had for the day.


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