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“Educators are Lifelong Learners”

Written by: Teacher Martha Santos

I remember my professor during my college years — she would always say this one simple line that has struck me in so many ways. She would always remind us that, educators are lifelong learners. This line has remained in my heart. It served as a piece of advice that I always carry with me whenever I encounter challenges in my career.

I can still recall how she would always tell us not to worry because we can never really apply everything that she taught us right away. She always encourages us to learn from our experiences because that is when we would really know how to handle different situations based on all the concepts and theories she has taught us. It is amazing how such words have impacted my teaching philosophy.  I have gained so much not just from what she said when coming up with different teaching strategies but also when it comes to how effective these strategies actually are. What are theories for? Why do techniques  exist if they do not work right?

However, I guess the best experience I learned is how I have grown holistically as a person. I am also amazed by the fact that it is actually the kids who have helped me become a better person and that they are not just students but my own teacher as well. They have taught me so much in ways I did not think possible. Cliché as it may seem but they are too are shaping me into the best I can be. They stretch and extend my patience to lengths I did not think I would reach. And they teach to appreciate the simple things in life – exactly how they view the world.

I get it now. I think I understand what my professor was telling me. My students. My loving Nursery students. The children who are reasons I wake up in the morning. The very reason why I cannot afford and do not want to be sick — they truly and simply are, my lifelong educators.




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