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“Don’t Just Focus, Focus Listen!”

“Don’t Just Focus, Focus Listen!”
By: Mai Almiranez-Nadres

So here’s the thing, i know its almost the end of the year but we’re still working on how to Focus Listen. It’s easy to just “listen” but try “focus listening.” ☺ Kinder 2 shares things they did during the weekend every Monday for our circle time. They get to share 2 memorable events and the rest we talk about during recess. Before we began I told them, they had to listen to their classmates’ stories because they will have to repeat whatever their classmate has said. They were like, “oh yeah, ok.” ☺ After everyone has shared, I threw out questions like “So where did she go?”, “What did he play with?”, “What did she say?”. I promise you if we did it in the dark of night, you’d hear crickets. ☺ Some can repeat bits and pieces of information but none can actually remember the details all too well.

It’s time to bring on the FOCUS LISTEN card. Ok, let’s do it again with a twist. “Put down everything you are holding, repeat to yourself what you’re classmate has said and you’ll see how well you’ll remember it!” I even told them that they will have to go through an obstacle for each question (see if they might forget). They were so intense! All eyes and ears (and arms ☺) on whoever was talking! Check out how giddy and so warped they were in the activity:









(Please excuse Mr. Maracas. We used it to tell whose turn is it next.)

Kinder 2 answered everything; answers were on point! Was this a surprise? No! Not at all! You see, if you keep other things aside, set your mind and heart on what is needed, not even Mr. Swing and Mr. Slide can distract you.
And that Kinder 2, is what FOCUS LISTENING is all about.


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