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“Class Pet”

“Class Pet” – Aug. 4, 2014
By: Teacher Mai Almiranez

It was last Friday, August 1 when I first announced to my class that we were having a new pet. Before I could say another word, one of my pupils exclaimed, “Teacher, a red fighting fish!” My pupils excitedly blurted out different colors of fighting fish they like. I wiped out the gleeful noise by showing them pictures of a lovebird, guinea pig, hamster, fighting fish and a turtle. In short, I made them realize there were more options. My pupils’ faces were indescribable. Last year, all classes had fighting fish for a pet so they assumed we are still having a fish. If they could jump as high as our classroom’s celing they would! Their feet could not stay put as I showed them the pictures. I have explained to them that we can only choose one and it is only through voting. I explained how voting works and did some roleplay so that they could understand better. We practiced how to vote by voting for the cleanest cubbyhole and then the most colorful art (which they did the other day) then we proceeded after the mock-up. The bird was immediately voted out because one of my pupils is allergic. We had the same number of votes for hamster and guinea pigs. Both are too cute; it was tough to decide. I gave them some more time to think about it while I flash the pictures of the hamster and guinea pig. As I was going to say “hamster” one of my pupils waved his hand telling the others not to vote and his classmates responded with a reassuring smile. Nevertheless, everyone was happy and excited with the result. Tomorrow is Tuesday and the class will be talking about information about guinea pigs. Everyone’s just so thrilled! They could not wait for the guinea pig to arrive.


Fighting fish

Guinea pig



Vote pet

*Teacher Mai has been part of the Camelean family for almost five years now. She has handled Kinder 2 ever since and has become the school’s trusted head teacher.
Teacher Mai is preparing herself for a big event in her life happening soon and is also very close to her mom. She currently lives with her only son, Prince, a French bulldog (and the school’s official mascot/resident pet).


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  • Mrs.Guanga

    Teacher Mai the and all the teachers in Camelean really inspire the kids everyday. Hope is very active and exited to c the guinea pig Tom. 🙂