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“It’s More Fun @ Camelean”

“It’s More Fun @ Camelean Academy” By: Teacher BG Ilijay Starting a New Year at a new environment is like adjusting to a new pair of shoes – as time passes by, you get along with each other well. When I was asked to be a substitute teacher for the Nursery 1 class until the remaining months of the school year, I was so
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“Helping Your Child Get Ready for the Big School”

Helping your Child Get Ready for Big School By: Teacher Rona Selecting the right school and making sure your child is ready to attend the big school is a daunting task for parents as it will affect the lives of their child as they grow up. Early preparation is higly advised as it is about ensuring your child feels secured with the new surroundings
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“How to Have a Safe and Spooktacular Halloween”

“How to Have a Safe and Spooktacular Halloween” By: Teacher Denise Zara Halloween is one of the most awaited events for both children and adults simply because we are all allowed to be silly and child-like by dressing up and enjoying goodies and treats to our heart’s content. But as responsible parents, we too should first and foremost be watching out for sour children’s
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“Vacation Mode On?”

“Vacation Mode On?” By: Teacher Mai Almiranez Aside from the annual costume party, everyone’s also excited about the 2 week sembreak. I too have been waiting for the late breakfast, watching over and over my favorite series, late night tea time with Prince. The list might be long and endless and it really seemed like I have been waiting for some down time. It
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“Taking Care of the Environment”

Taking Care of the Environment By: Teacher Maan Gaviola Last August 14, 2014, our topic for Science was how to Take Care of the Environment. I showed my Nursery 1 students different pictures of nature. They saw pictures of tall trees, beautiful flowers, green plants, and pristine beaches. They felt really happy and were appreciative of the beauty of nature. I also showed them
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Camelean Bulletin SY 14-15/1st Tri

“Button Them Up!”

“Button Them Up!” By: Rona Mulat One of the goals of sending your child to school is to become independent and learn to do things on their own. It is also a way of preparing them to be more responsible as they face more challenging tasks when they grow up. Practicing self-help skill such as dressing up is just one of the many ways
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“My Students are My Greatest Teachers”

“My Students are My Greatest Teachers” By: Willa Benito When we had our Show and Tell and each of the kids shared their “All About Myself” book to class, I got to know more about my wonderful students. As I looked at them, I wondered how they would be when they grow up. Who would go on to be teachers, doctors, fire fighters, or
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“How to Help Your Kids Become Healthy Munchers”

“How to Help Your Kids Become Healthy Munchers” By: Teacher Maan Gaviola Is it a struggle for you to get your kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables? Have you ever tried persuading them to put something healthy into their mouths but they always refuse, or worse, throw the food that you have prepared? Here are some tips to entice your kids to eat
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“Class Pet”

“Class Pet” – Aug. 4, 2014 By: Teacher Mai Almiranez It was last Friday, August 1 when I first announced to my class that we were having a new pet. Before I could say another word, one of my pupils exclaimed, “Teacher, a red fighting fish!” My pupils excitedly blurted out different colors of fighting fish they like. I wiped out the gleeful noise
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