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“Trust Them, They are Learning”

“Trust Them, They are Learning” By: Teacher Rona Providing engaging activities to children is highly beneficial as fas as learning is concerned. And the most effective way to make them work is through play. “I played in school today” is a statement that many seem to misunderstand. We have to remember that as children, their most important work is to play and it helps
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“All It Takes is 30 Minutes”

“All It Takes is 30 Minutes” By Marissa Almiranez Believe me, anything can happen within 30 minutes in school! It wasn’t in our schedule but the sun was out and everyone’s in the mood to keep our legs moving so we decided to take our circle time outside! We brought our tambourines with us and skipped out of the classroom. It seemed like it
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“Gender Equality in the Classroom”

Gender Equality in the Classroom By Teacher Angela Tarroza The perspective of our society when it comes to gender seemingly has minimal impact in our daily lives. However, we do not fully realize how damaging it can be. As we all know today, gender is a sensitive issue because of all the prejudice and stereotypes associated to it. Unfortunately, the society dictates the masculinity
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Newsletter SY 15-16 1st Tri

SY 15-16

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Swimming Party SY 14-15

Some of the splashin’ fun photos during our Swimming Party! The school year is coming to a close but our last hurrah never fails to make the students happy. (Unfortunately we had to take random pictures as our attention was all focused on the kids. So if you are a parent and would like the pictures to be added here, please feel free to
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Slumber Valentine Party SY 14-15

“Perks of a Grateful Heart”

“Perks of a Grateful Heart” By: Willa Benito “Teacher Willa, look! You’re so pretty!”—called one of students as she hugged me and proudly showed me her drawing on the board. It made me smile and it really made my day. As I was looking at her drawing, I laughed and giggled deep inside. I can’t help but think “Is this really the way she
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“Tasty Friday”

Tasty Friday! By: Rona Mulat Friday was the day the Kinder 1 class explored the sense of taste! We started the activity by having the students put their tongues out and describe how a classmate’s tongue look like. One mentioned how it looked pinkish and bumpy. Teacher then explained to them that those small bumps found on the tongue were the taste buds that
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