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“Don’t Just Focus, Focus Listen!”

“Don’t Just Focus, Focus Listen!” By: Mai Almiranez-Nadres So here’s the thing, i know its almost the end of the year but we’re still working on how to Focus Listen. It’s easy to just “listen” but try “focus listening.” ☺ Kinder 2 shares things they did during the weekend every Monday for our circle time. They get to share 2 memorable events and the
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“The Little Things”

“The Little Things” By: Willa Benito So we’re almost done with the school year — yes let that sink in. Has it been ten months already?! It always amazes me how the kids progress from June to March. Though it may sound short and that includes holidays, class suspensions, sembreak, Christmas break, and many others, I can’t help but admire the big changes and
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