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“All It Takes is 30 Minutes”

“All It Takes is 30 Minutes”
By Marissa Almiranez

Believe me, anything can happen within 30 minutes in school! It wasn’t in our schedule but the sun was out and everyone’s in the mood to keep our legs moving so we decided to take our circle time outside! We brought our tambourines with us and skipped out of the classroom. It seemed like it was their first time to see the sun too! “Woohoos” and “Woahs” filled the morning breeze. We started singing our school songs, months and days of the week. The neighbors peeked through their windows as we passed by. Kinder 2 greeted neighbors washing their clothes in their garage and also the men building houses. One of my students even exclaimed, “Woah! Workers!” ( I told the mom of my student how surprised my student was to see construction workers. The mom laughed and said that they have construction workers working nearby their house. She thought my student was just overacting. ) We did break a sweat but we sure had fun! We freshened up and talked about our walk. Surprisingly, they remembered so much, even the littlest detail. They remembered how many cats they saw, what house they saw, the purple flowers, they questioned why there were so much brown leaves falling off the tree, why the street felt hot and so much more. Yep! That was Circle Time V. 2.0 at its finest. Who would have thought you could discover and learn so much during circle time in 30 minutes?


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