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A Full – Bloomed Flower

By: Teacher Micah Casaus, Former Developmental Program Teacher

As each of us starts out in the world, we see the beauty of life and what it has in store for us. It leads to beginnings that bring awe-inspiring endings.
Seedlings as they enter school, children get to explore a greater world than they have known. Questions fill their minds and risks are there for them to take. This is where we teachers come in. We first create an environment which enables these children to fully open themselves and embrace changes they are experiencing. Guidance, encouragement, concern and love are what we provide for them to grow and learn.
A year has passed, and like young plants, they move on and blossom to the next level. Here, more challenges and tougher decisions are to be done. Familiarity and confidence are what they have earned but more are still needed of them. Focus, initiative and determination must be developed. Teachers now give emphasis on learning. We provide learning experiences that that they can connect with in order to be meaningful; in order for learning to take place. We make memories while teaching them what is needed. We want these children to both see the beauty of learning and to actually love what they learn.
The time has come when they finally reach maturity. The flowers, these children are in full bloom. They have acquired the basic skills and knowledge. They have failed and relearned. The challenge that awaits them next and almost finally is independence. And this requires that we give them just the right pinch of guidance so that they learn to strive hard and do things on their own. And although it is defined differently for every person, these children we call our students come out grown and ready to face the heat that the sun brings and the strong blows of the wind.


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